Harrington’s SpreadMasters offer a range of services to meet small and large operations soil treatment and harvest cartage requirements.  With a modern fleet Harrington’s SpreadMasters can pickup and deliver loads throughout the Southern Riverina, and using the latest GPS guided spreaders with scales and curtains, achieve excellent ground contact of fine and course spreads.  No job is too big or too small. 

We offer the following services:  

  • Load pick up and delivery
  • Fine and course spreading of all products in small and large areas
  • Front end Loader hire 
  • Harvest and Feed cartage
  • Road and site Grading

We Service:    

Broad acre farms, Small hobby farms, Golf courses, Schools, Council ovals, Race courses, Property development, Sport clubs .... And more. 

Our Commitment: 

We adhere to stringent wash down protocols to prevent cross contamination between jobs and come FERTCARE Accu-Spread certified. 

Whatever you need, we will provide a top quality hassle free service.

Harrington's SpreadMasters wash down all equipment between jobs !

FERCARE Accu-Spread Certified

430e Grader with 12ft blade & trimble

Kenworth 32T Truck & Trailer           


4 wheeler with 500kg Bin for smaller jobs.

GPS Guided Spreaders with Curtains & Scales

  • 32-Ton Kenworth Truck & Trailer
  • GPS Guided Spreaders with Auto Steer
  • Road Grader for farm roads & site preparation
  • Precision Comspread with scales & curtains 
  • 3 x Front end loaders, also available for hire
  • 4x4 Motorbike with 500kg bin spreader